I completed my PhD in the Philosophy Department at the University of Pennsylvania in May of 2022. In August of 2022, I began work as the Dean’s Postdoctoral Scholar in Philosophy of Science at Florida State University. Starting in August of 2023, I’ll be taking up a new role as Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Kansas State University. Go Wildcats!

As philosophers, we mainly do two things: teach classes and produce research in our areas of expertise. To my mind, these tasks are deeply intertwined. I regularly find that my teaching and research mutually inform and reinforce one another. Philosophy, then, is a collaborative activity in which we teach what we know, learn what we can, and use these things together to advance our knowledge of the world.

My main areas of interest are in philosophy of the natural and social sciences. This includes philosophy of science generally, history & philosophy of evolutionary biology, philosophy of history, and philosophy of social science (e.g. sociology, ethnography, etc.).

I’m also interested in a wide range of topics including epistemology, history of philosophy (esp. Kant), metaphysics, biomedical ethics, and philosophy of religion. I also have special teaching interest in logic (incl. modal logics and non-classical logics). I’m especially fascinated by the loci of interaction between all these areas of philosophical inquiry, and perhaps more, how these topics of philosophical inquiry interface with other academic disciplines. I see philosophy as a collaborative and interdisciplinary endeavor. As such, I am always looking for opportunities to craft projects with others in the academic community. If something on my page piques your interest, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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